"Our goal is to have volunteers coming directly to us with the purpose to help us in our daily life at the orphanage"

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About Us

On this webpage you can read about the foundation Weep Not Child and our children, you can read the stories from some volunteers who have been here, visit the gallery and watch our videos from the orphanage. Hopefully we hear from you. You find our contacts below the headline "Contact Us".


Weep Not Child Foundation

Weep Not Child Foundation is an orphanage which was founded in 2006 by Mrs. Comfort Abandewor. The Foundation is located in Ahwerease –Darmang, a village in the city Nsawam – Aburi constituency of eastern region of Ghana. The village is fifteen kilometers away from the town Nsawam. Today the home hosts twenty-seven orphans.  



Weep Not Child Foundation was first not only into taking care of orphans but it was also formed to help eliminate poverty within the rural communities, educate girls and also to make sure that the children can go to school. In the aspect of exterminating poverty in the
society it is the countryside women who suffer the most. The Foundation decided
to help these women who fell outside the society. In 2007 we were able to educate
a total number of two hundred and fifty women on self-employable skills in
knitting, tie and dye soap making, bread making, taking out palm nuts, cinnamon
extraction and Shea butter extraction in fifteen villages in four regions. This
program was to be continued every year to fulfill the foundation promise but
stopped due to financial problems. The reason for this is that ever since this
operation it has been financed by only the Weep Not Child Foundation.