"Our goal is to have volunteers coming directly to us with the purpose to help us in our daily life at

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Founder of the Organization
Mrs. Comfort Abandewor

My name is Comfort Abandewor and I am the founder of the home of Weep Not Child Foundation. I grew up from a broken home and my father was not present so therefore I lived with only my mother. Due to this fact, at the age of six I had to sell pure water on the street for my family’s survival. I continued to sell this and other materials to pay for my school and my senior high school education. I also contributed a lot with de economic support in the family.  During my senior high education, I met two boys who became my future mates. One of them lost both of his parents in a car accident. This boy was very brilliant, good at any subject of his study career. Today he is an economist delivering his work to the people of the united state of America. I always said to myself that when I grow up and I have de resources my first project is to care for the needy, the poor and the orphans in the society. This thought has fallowed me for a very long time until my dreams became reality in 2006. When I first found Weep Not Child Foundation in Accra, I started off with one child and today we have twenty seven children living and studying at our home.

Communication director
Mr. Oscar Abandewor

 My name is Oscar Abandewor and I am the first child of the founder. Since I was born in a large famliy I have always been used to having a lot of kids around me and I have come to enjoy it aswell. Over the years I have also grown a tremendous passion for helping children in need which made me want to join my mothers busniess and help her with the wonderful work she does with the home. My mother has a dream of helping these children and today I am the communication director of the home and I speak on behalf of the entire foundation including the children when I say that that the work we are doing really help these children, who without us, would not be able to survive. 

"Our wish is therefore to bring all of you, volunteers and other who are interested in our organization on board" Al-hassan and her son Oscar are working a team today and are both involved with the development of Weep Not Child Foundation. They believe that greater ideas come from several open minds and as saying goes, two minds are better than one. We want you to be a part of our foundation and share your ideas and suggestions with us. Many hands always support to lift a very heavy weighed material as one hand cannot. So therefore come and help us lift the image and structure of Weep Not Child Foundation to a high level for a better future for the orphans. You are more than welcome to contact us, you can see our contacts below the headline "Contact Us".