"Our goal is to have volunteers coming directly to us with the purpose to help us in our daily life at the orphanage"

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The workers
We have seven permanent workers at Weep Not Child Foundation including the founder Comfort Abandewor and the administrator Al-hassan. There are two home mothers, four supportive teachers including the administrator. Our workers are very friendly, cheerfully, creative, lovely and very respectful. We can take maximum three volunteers at the same time but we are working on building another house for the volunteers since our biggest ambition for the future is to be able to take more volunteers. The volunteers are very important to us since it is them who have been our biggest support during the latest years. The foundation need to employ more workers to support the working activities so that the administrative aspect can be truly run. We need about fifteen workers at the home but due to financial problems we don’t have afford o pay that amount of workers. Therefor it is essential for us to have volunteers here with us.

The Accommodation
We have two separate homes at Weep Not Child Foundation. One for the volunteers and founders and one for the twenty seven children. Both of the accommondations are in need of emprovment but due to financial problems there can't be one at the moment. The children have two rooms, one for the girls and one for the boys. Then they have four classrooms in which they attend when they have school.



The Weep Not Child Foundation with the classrooms on the left side and the girls and boys bedrooms on the right side.






This is the accommondation of the volunteers and the founders. At this picture you also see the kitchen of the foundation which is located in front of the home.





The School
The children at Weep Not Child Foundation have the possibility to go to school, which is located at the orphanage. We have four classrooms on the left side of the building were the chambers is located. So therefor we appreciate if you would like to help us by becoming the childrens teacher for a while. If you are interested in being a techer during your time here we will help arrange it for you. They study Mathematics, English, Religious and Moral education, Science, Drawing and Environmental studies.  Many children in the village of Darmang do not have the possibility to study, therefor we also let the kids from the village come to the school which they have been doing ever since year 2007. So the school at the orphanage works us a school for the whole village which is something we are really proud to mention. Since we announced that the children from the village has to pay for their own lunch in school, due to financial problems of the orphanage, sadly many families had to put their children out from school. This is because they have to help their families with the daily work. We along with all of you realize the importance of education but these families don’t. This is one of the problems we are trying to fight which is why we every day encourages our
children to study and stay in school.