"Our goal is to have volunteers coming directly to us with the purpose to help us in our daily life at the orphanage"

Visit the blogs of Sandra Ohlsson, Rebecca Fredriksson and Lisa Malmborg about Ghana and Weep Not Child:


If you are interested in donating you find our contacts below the headline "Contact Us".


Today we survive mostly through donations from volunteers and other. We appreciate everything you are willing to give us, even the smallest gift will make an impact for our children.

Although you can't help us with your time and energy you can still help. Our home has flaws in every aspect so we need everything you are willing to give us.  



A friend of Comfort has donated clothes for the children. At this picture you can see the children waiting for their turn and their clothes to be handed out for them.





Money donations
If you are thinking of donating money were are working with a project where we contact every single person who choose to donate money. If you give us a number or emailadress we will respond with a text where we tell you exactly what we bought for the money you gave us. All you have to to if you want to donate money to us is to email or call us, you find our contacts under the headline "Contact Us".

Future project for Weep Not Child Foundation

1. We will use smaller donations to buy food for our children since it is the biggest issue.
2. If we can manage to collect larger donations we want to build another chamber for the children since our children are growing their need more space.

3. We are also planning on rebuilding the toilets for the kids and put them in the same house as the chambers.
4. Another goal is to build a fence and gates around the home to keep our children safe. This is now achived (2013-01-11).