"Our goal is to have volunteers coming directly to us with the purpose to help us in our daily life at the orphanage"

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Daily Routine

You will participate in our everyday routine as cleaning, dishwashing, bathing, cooking,
feeding the children, teaching and so on. We are in great need of teachers especially you since you can teach our children diffirent things that our teachers can not. You will be like sounding boards for the children, a person that they can play with, talk to, reflect their feelings on. Maybe you will sing or dance with them and of course give the children a lot of love. Giving love is your most important task since it is the big building block that’s missing in their life.


Example on a day at Weep Not Child Foundation

06.00 - You wake up and have a shower.  

06.30 - You go down to the childrens chambers and wake them up. You help your own children and the other one if you have time to brusch their teeth and shower them.

07.30 - Breakfast.

08.oo - School starts and you start teaching.

10.00 - Maybe you will help the workers with some of the daily washing or dishing.

11.00 - You join the workers to the village to buy some spices and fresh water.

12.00 - Lunchtime.

13.00 - School continues and you start to teach again.

15.00 - School ends.

15.00- 18.00 - Playing time

18.00 - Dinnertime.

19.00 - Showertime for the children.

21.00 - Bedtime. You help the children to sleep and say goodnight.