"Our goal is to have volunteers coming directly to us with the purpose to help us in our daily life at the orphanage"

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Volunteering at the orphanage Weep Not Child was literary a dream come true at the same time as it made me realize new things about myself.

When I arrived to Weep Not Child Foundation I came with two other volunteers. We lived together during our stay and although I never had met them before we got along perfectly.
During the first couple of days everything was wonderful, the children, the founders, the workers, everything. I remember thinking that this could not be for real, I had wanted to volunteer in Africa for as long as I could remember and then suddenly I did it. I really felt that I did a difference during my stay which was my most important goal. I wanted to leave Weep Not Child with a feeling that I had made a difference and although our work only is a small part of a huge process the foundation would not be what it is today without the donations and help from volunteers.

We helped them with their water in the well and  bought some food, we gave them toys, clothes and silverware. But most of all we gave them love; we played with them, hugged them, talked and listen. That is according to me the most important thing and something I would want to say to all of you who are interested in going. If you have the possibility to donate, do it. Donate money, things and everything you can because the need it more than you can imagine. But never forget that that is not the most important, if you visit the orphanage and give all the love you have, that will be enough. You will understand it when you come there, the children are really craving love and it’s almost impossible to not give it to them. The love you receive back from the children is indescribable.

When you arrive at Weep Not Child you will probably get two or three children to take care of. You will spend every waken hour with these children, help them with anything and
everything. The bond you get with these wonderful children is incredible and that is why I recommend everybody to come here. Because although there were days when I just wanted to take the first plane home to my friends, my shower and my bed I have never received so much love as I did during my stay at Weep Not Child. It felt like I grew as a person and realized new things about myself and the world around me; I got new perspectives on everything. As if that would not be enough I made really good friends among the workers as well as the children. I will never forget my visit at Weep Not Child and I am already
planning my next.

It takes a lot of planning and money to arrange a visit but
with this new project I am working on with the founders it is a lot easier than
going through a big organization. Take the chance to visit Weep Not Child Foundation;
you will not regret your decision.

Nadja Norberg